This Is It Soundtrack (the REAL thing) in case anyone's interested

Wow I haven't posted anything in a while. In case anybody on my flist is interested I made a rip of the This Is It audio from the actual movie and somewhat put together a soundtrack that's way better than the one sold in stores.

Michael Jackson

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BTW if anyone downloaded the one I posted over at shamone_mj months ago, this is a new rip with better quality.

Most files have been deleted because of inactivity. If anyone wants them, let me know and I'll re-upload them.

IM fic: Best Mistake - Prologue

Title: Best Mistake - Prologue
Word Count: 1203
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tony/Pepper
Genre: Fluff/Drama
Disclaimer: Not Mine :/
Summary: A drunken night, a mistake? Pepper comes back to LA two years after leaving her job to reveal to Tony her true reasons for leaving.
Warnings:Kid story.

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Coldplay! Woo! Hoo!

WOW! I haven't posted on this in FOREVER. I thought I'd make a small update and say OMG I SAW COLDPLAY IN CONCERT! WOO!!!! I've seen a lot of bands live and I must say this is one of the best concert experiences I've had. At one point they even ran through the crowd and went up the first level and performed a few songs right in the middle of the crowd! It was insane, I loved it. I will definitely be seeing them again next time they come around Florida. And may I say Chris Martin is one of the craziest, most interesting looking dancers I've ever seen. I spent half the concert hoping he wouldn't fall, he was funny though. :D

Here's some Viva la Vida, as recorded by me :)

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American Idol Concert Recap

OMG I MET DAVID COOK! lol fan girl crazy. Haha I didn't scream ensensantly when I saw DC though carlitapants claims I did ;D. Two days after the concert I think I think everything has finally really settled in and I can now calmly, though still very much excitedly, recap the whole experience. :D

BTW lots of big pics...not dial up friendly.

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"Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need"

Just finished watching Fight Club again for about the dozenth time. Actually I hadn't seen the movie since it came out, I think I was about eleven. I wasn't even planning on watching it, it just happened. I was flipping through the channels and my fingers seemed to stop right on it, lingered on the button the whole time, but somehow my consumed mind's power seemed to able to tell it to stay. I realized watching it that, even though I may not have understood it very well when I was younger, I remembered everything. And I remembered what it meant to me. I even remember watching it with commentary and seeing all the stupid features on the DVD with the nifty little packaging that it used to have, not the new one. I don't even own the movie.

This isn't a movie review. This movie deserves much more than that. I haven't read the book, but now I desperately yearn to. It will be the next payment on my bank account.

Watching it and listenning to everything that was being said, depressing and fucked up as it was, made me have a sense of satisfaction for humanity. Thank you Chuck Palahniuk for writing this awesome story and being to be straight forward about the bullshit that goes on in our everyday lifes. This is a breathe fo freash air. They're not trying to sell you anything, or show off anything. They;re just giving it to you like it is, makig you think, making you question things and saying "hmm, that's true, why do I put up with this?" This book/movie/story whatever is classic. It's all of us, in our everyday lives, in our minds, in our deepest unspoken thoughts. Wouldn't we all just want to become who we really think we are and stop hiding, and stop following everyone's rules, and just say "screw you corporate, screw you boss, screw you mom, dad, teacher, whoever, I'm going to do things my way and I don't care whether I ever achieve my goal, because I have none, I just want to LIVE".

Life it too short, and those are my two cents.

In a sense this story makes me a bt sick. The characters were sick, the setting was sick, the whole story was a bunch a convuluted nonsense, but it was damn magical. This is the kind of tale that makes me, as a female, want to say hell yes lets get out there and fight, and beat those assholes, release that anger, and look the other person straight in the eye and not see them, but see all the other crap that makes my day all that much heavier. In a mastercard commercial, this is the story that would be called priceless.

Anyways, that's enough movie magic rant though..BTW did I mention that the way the movie itself was done was FANTASTIC. The camera angles, the transitions, the lighting, the way it flowed. The movie was pure gold, David Fincher is genuis.

In other news, I've taken it upon myself to release my inner procrastinator and become more self sufficient. I spent most of last night and this morning sorting through over a thousand e-mails, including some 500 unread ones. Yup, that's me. Hate it or love it, its what you get. HOWEVER, in this new lease I've turned I will no longer be a lazy fuck and I will therefore return all messages and e-mails at the moment they are first read, and do all the other useless crap that needs to be done when it needs to.

Me inbox is now empty...I wonder how long this will last.

That's it for now, and uh...go watch Tropic Thunder....that review will be up soon.
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Movie Review: Memento....and Guy Pearce pic spam

Ok, so when I started this journal I didn't think I would be posting a lot of movie reviews, but at this point, what can I say? Films are my absolute favorite things in the world. Today, after spending some much needed time with my little cousin we decided to FINALLY get around to watching Memento. I know, were about 8 years too late, but hey were trying to catch up ;).

Ok, here's my review of this film...along with some yummy Guy Pearce pics!

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Movie Review: The Dark Knight

OK, so considering how immensely huge this movie has become, and it being from one of my favorite genres, I decided that I would write my own review of it. I saw it this past Thursday. I have to say though I probably wasn't getting as into it as I would have liked to...but maybe thats the movies fault.

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Very First One

This is the very first entry to my live journal. Its taken me a few years...yeah way too long...but I think I can finally get the hang of keeping up with an online journal. This journal will probably mostly carry fan fics though, Iron Man fics at the moment for that matter. Feel free to friend me any time. I'm innately nice, too nice sometimes. :D